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Reviews for AdConversion
So much content, training guides, and actionable templates that are useful for marketers that are just starting out with paid advertising... Can't wait to put everything I've learned into practice!

Eliany Roman

Demand Generation Manager, @Higharc

AdConversion has helped me level up my online advertising game. Before, I wasn't sure if I was thinking through all of the right steps for true success. Now, I'm more confident than ever with a repeatable framework that gives me the guardrails I've needed. 10/10 content. There are multiple highlights: from the practicality of the content to the level of detail in each lesson to the real-life examples that drove the points home. Keep up the great work on these courses!!!

Sutton Ryan

Demand Generation Manager, @Stampli

A practical and easy-to-understand course that's presented in digestible chunks. Silvio cuts through all the fluff and gets straight to the point which is great for people like me who are wanting to learn at pace. The course notes and materials provided are also super helpful. I'd recommend this course to anyone in marketing looking to up-skill, get a refresher or learn new skills in paid media strategy.

Zac Messih

Marketing Manager, @Intuit

Silvio's paid media course is the best course I've ever taken. He pretty much answers any question you might have as an advertiser. For example, when should I pause an ad? What analytics should I be tracking to ensure that I'm headed in the right direction, what stage of the funnel should I be starting at, should I be starting at the top, should I be starting closer to the bottrom? Also, how do I define my ideal customer?

Alejandro Perez

Digital Marketing Specialist, @Bixal

Reviews for Silvio Perez, Founder of AdConversion

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