Why choose us

Online education is broken.

Here’s how most academies approach course production

Average Academy
What they do...
creates courses for volume
keep it broad for mass appeal
stuffs as much as info possible
sells to everyone for max profits
repeats cycle to retain students
Which leads to...
100s of low quality courses
Countless topics
Never-ending lessons
What we do...
create courses for impact
keep it relevant to one niche
no lesson longer than 10-minutes
gives free access for max impact
repeats cycle to help students
Which leads to...
Higher quality content
Real life applications
Quality learning experiences

Building a Paid Media Program Course: Scale Your B2B SaaS Advertising

1hr 45min

Learn how to build a full-funnel paid media program from start to finish.

B2B Advertising Course: Jumpstart Your B2B Marketing Career

1hr 36min

New to B2B? Cut years off your learning curve with this course.

Our 5 commitments to all students:

1. On-demand courses will always be FREE. 

We believe knowing how to acquire customers using ads is a superpower.
Every single company out there wants marketers with this skill.

Everyone should have equal access, so they can:
• Scale their ideas
• Level up their careers
• Make a positive impact

We will have paid products in the future (we’re not a nonprofit), but we'll never charge students for on-demand courses.

2. No lesson will be longer than 10 minutes.

Courses are a means to an end—you want to learn a skill ASAP.
No one has time for 50-hour courses (we get it). 

By keeping this commitment, we will:
• ​​Guarantee every course has zero fluff.
• Hold our instructors to a higher standard.
• Create actionable resources. 
• Enable you to finish our courses ASAP.

When we create a lesson, you can rest assured it contains only the most impactful, crucial information.

3. We will never have the MOST courses.

Most academies boast about the number of courses they offer. 
Personally, we couldn’t care less. 👎🏻

If we could give you all the knowledge you need in one course, we would. 

What we DO care about is:
• Partnering with real experts and practitioners (not merely “famous” people). 
• Having the highest quality content production and course materials.  
• Improving our existing courses based on student feedback.

4. If we ask you to pay for something, it is 1000% worth it.

“Free” is our default—we’ll always favor giving everything away when we can. 
However, when we do charge for something, we strive to make it outrageously valuable. 

Rest assured: If you pay for one of our offers, we left no stone unturned.
We’ll even back this claim up with money-back guarantees on future products.

5. WHEN we mess up we’ll own it.

We’re only people—flawed like everyone else.

Therefore, we’re bound to make mistakes along the way.
When we inevitably do, we’ll always own it and make it right by you.

Thanks for reading and allowing AdConversion to guide you in your advertising journey. 
If you have any questions, you can always contact me directly at  hello@adconversion.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will
get back within 24 hours.
1. On-demand courses will always be FREE.
2. No lesson will be longer than 10 minutes.
3. We will never have the MOST courses.
4. If we ask you to pay for something, it is 1000% worth it.
5. WHEN we mess up we’ll own it.

Hear what others are saying

Alejandro Perez

Digital Marketing Specialist, @Bixal

10/10 content. There are multiple highlights: from the practicality of the content to the level of detail in each lesson to the real-life examples that drove the points home. Keep up the great work on these courses!!!

Sutton Ryan

Demand Generation Manager, @Stampli

A practical and easy-to-understand course that's presented in digestible chunks. Silvio cuts through all the fluff and gets straight to the point which is great for people like me who are wanting to learn at pace.

Zac Messih

Marketing Manager, @Intuit

Bryttney is an amazing demand gen marketer with a massive amount of experience in B2B digital.

Jason Widup

VP Marketing - Metadata

So much content, training guides, and actionable templates that are useful for marketers that are just starting out with paid advertising... Can't wait to put everything I've learned into practice!

Eliany Roman

Demand Generation Manager, @Higharc

Bryttney is a "marketing powerhouse" when it comes to demand generation....

Jennifer Hopkins

CMO - Winmo

Bryttney knew our funnel inside and out at Metadata.

Mark Huber

VP Marketing, @UserEvidence

Join 1,000+ B2B marketers leveling up their paid advertising skill set