Borys Khodan

Head of Paid Media @Synthesia

Hi there, I'm Borys 👋

I'm a Head of Paid Media at Synthesia, where my daily mission is to turn paid advertising into the most efficient leads and pipeline generation machine!

Before Synthesia, I was building my marketing career at Google in 3 different roles. There I was lucky to work with the giants of Google Ads (think of the top 0.1%) and constantly be given exciting new challenges. This is where I really discovered my passion for numbers and measurement. 

The advertisers I worked with were regular users of Google Analytics 360, Measurement Protocol, Offline Conversions, and MMMs. Incrementality measurement and ongoing a/b experimentation were not something new; this was the default. So, I dug deep into the world of marketing measurement to be able to bring value. It was a really fun ride and I learned sooo much!

And these days, I am using all this knowledge and experience at Synthesia, where I am constantly pushing our paid ads measurement, reporting, and data to the next level.

Off the clock, I do my best to stay in good shape, enjoy a great podcast, and stick to my sleeping routines ("Why We Sleep" is a great read!).

I hope to see you in my measurement courses!


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